Booking conditions

Booking conditions

Check-in and check-out time

Check-in: 15:00 h.
Check-out: 12:00.

Please let us know your arrival time and if you need help with your transfer.


Amounts in pounds or dollars are approximate and will vary depending on the exchange rate applicable at the time the booking is made.


Cancellations made up to 24h before arrivals entail no charge. Cancellations after this deadline or no-shows will be charged for one night at the rate of the booking made, and the other nights reserved will be cancelled.

General conditions

The hotel reserves the right to modify, with due notice, conditions of payment and cancellation policy, if the booking is for more than 14 nights or is made during a period of heavy demand or trade fair.

Travel agencies that reserve this type of rates should make prepayment after confirming the booking.

For half board basis, all of our dishes a la carte are included on it, in addition to soft drinks, beers and a selection of wine.

ONLY ADULTS HOTEL. Hotel recommended for adults only over 16 years.